Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello World

Hello to all that have stumbled across this blog. What we do in this blog is pretty simple I write things and you read (or don't read) what I write.

Disclaimer: I am no English expert so if you see something that is not grammatically correct then correct it mentally and move on. Miss spellings are going to happen it's life in my world I will do my best not to make them but it will happen.

Some things you will find me writing about. I am getting in to programing ARM processors and I have a beagle bone black Rev B. I am also a consultant that writes C# code  so maybe things on that. Some things with Node.js and some other things. Some of the blogs be how I did things and some of them will be my thoughts on the language or code or process. All in all it will be just be a bunch of geek/nerd/programmer things. This is my first "technical" blog I have ever written so don't be surprised as I post more that more "cool" things show up in it.
Well we will call this the end to my first blog about what my blogs will be about. Enjoy life and just remember don't look back to much you may trip over something in front of you.

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